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How to Organize Your Digital Workspace and Inbox to Power Up Your Productivity, Clarity and Profits

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  • 3 Powerhouse Strategies to Catapult You Towards Inbox Zero and Keep it That Way
  • My Ninja Trick to Clear Your Computer Desktop Lickity Split (it's so simple it will surprise you!)
  • 3 Clever Ways to Organize Your Digital "To Read" Pile for Easy Access on Multiple Devices 
  • One-click Bookmark Organization 101 (this rocked my world when I did this one thing!)

YES! I am so ready to feel on the ball and ditch the overwhelm for good:

And Just Who Am I?

Sherry Borsheim, CPO® Productivity Coach and Organizer

Hello! I’m Sherry, one of the first in Canada to receive the world designation Certified Professional Organizer, Exclusive Trainer for Certified Paper Tiger Consultants, and a Productivity Coach. 

Organizing is like play for me and I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs just like you get out of overwhelm and declutter your office, home, life, and digital workspace so you have more calm, ease, and joy. I’ve pretty much seen it all! I believe there’s no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all solution to organizing and maintaining your systems…hence the reason I help you create personalized systems that work for you. 

And I've been featured on HGTV "Makeover Wish", Huffington Post, Whole Living Martha Stewart, Style at Home, and more. I’m here to help you along your organizing journey and get it done faster than you could imagine doing it on your own!

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